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Funny Notepads for Mothers

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Daisy Jane Notepad owners smile, giggle and laugh......often at inappropriate times. Many customers report life changing experiences as a result of using Daisy Jane Notepads.....fewer gray hairs, weight loss, smoother skin and increased popularity.....just to name a few.

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#112 The best thing I...
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Our family if like fudge. Mostly sweet with a few nuts
#120 Our family's like...
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Who are these children and why are they calling me mom?
#132 Who are these
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Children are a blessing
#137 Children are
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My second favorite chore is ironing...My first is hitting my head against the wall until I faint
#144 My second favorite
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You can’t scare me...I have children
#153 You can't scare
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How do you spell stress? C-A-R-P-O-O-L
#156 How do you
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Happiness is a warm, loving, close knit family...in another city
#170 Happiness is a
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I've thought about having children...I just haven’t seen any that appeal to me
#171 I've thought
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All undesirable traits come from the other parent
#185 All undesirable
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You can childproof your house...but they still get in
#186 You can childproof
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Children rarely eat anything that hasn’t danced on t.v
#187 Children rarely
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Never have more children than you have car windows
#190 Never have more
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I understand about cooking and cleaning...just not how it applies to me
#196 I understand about
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We're having to get rid of the kids...the dog is allergic
#203 We're having to
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